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The Martyn Gregory Gallery, at 34 Bury Street in the London district of St James's, is located half way between Piccadilly and St James's Palace.

The gallery is the world's leading specialist in 'China Trade' paintings and pictures related to the Far East in the period 1700-1950. These include works by both Western artists who travelled to the East; and also works by Chinese artists who painted 'in the Western manner' for the merchants and ships' officers who came to the China coast.



These include port scenes - views of Canton, Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other 'treaty ports'; portrayals of historical events; portraits of the merchants, mandarins and other personalities involved in the trade between China and the West; decorative Chinese 'export' pictures of gardens, interiors, plants and birds; shipping, from junks and flower-boats to East Indiamen, tea-clippers and paddle steamers; and works by George Chinnery, and other Western artists who worked in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

British Drawings and Watercolours

The Martyn Gregory Gallery also deals in fine early English watercolours, and a selection of oil paintings, of the 18th and 19th centuries; artists represented include Paul Sandby, Michael Angelo Rooker, Thomas Rowlandson, James Ward, John Linnell, David Cox, John Varley, Peter De Wint,  and the marine artist E W Cooke.


As well as showing works in the gallery, Martyn Gregory holds annual exhibitions in Hong Kong, and exhibits at the Winter Antiques Fair in New York (January);  the European Fine Arts Fair at Maastricht in the Netherlands (March);and Masterpiece London (June/July).

Opening hours

The gallery is normally open from 10 to 6 Monday-Friday, but these hours may be varied at certain times of the year.


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